Unlock a New Revenue Source

Unlock a New Revenue Source

    With no capital and no costs
    No Risk Revenue
      Our Sub325® fine coal recovery system unlocks a new revenue source by delivering more clean coal to your clean coal belt. Plus, it provides the secondary benefits of reducing waste and creating a more efficient and environmentally cleaner prep plant operation. And the best part—there’s no cost for you.

      Our offer is simple—there’s no capital expenditure and no maintenance costs.

      You pay nothing for the machine. We pay for maintenance, future rotating unit replacements and, in most cases, all the installation costs.

      Being long-time coal people, we understand how hard it is to get capital for projects and how tough the economics are for coal businesses. With no upfront costs, we designed this proposition to make it easier for you to get the Sub325® system into your prep plant and start realizing the economic results.

      So, how do we both make money? We share a percentage of the proven extra revenue generated for you from our Sub325® system. Scales on each unit report tons per hour directly to both of us for real-time monitoring. We will show you hard proof of how much new coal the machine recovered.

      Increased Revenue
      • Capture more tons of previously unattainable clean coal
      • Produce more saleable clean coal per hour of operation
      • Increase sales directly with virtually no operating cost to offset the revenue
      Zero Cost
      • No capital cost to you
      • Installation costs are covered (in most cases)
      • No maintenance cost to you
      • Free replacement of rotating unit
      • Generous split of incremental revenue (calculation specific to each site)
      Environmental & Operational Benefits
      • Decrease chemicals needed at the thickener
      • Decrease volume going to refuse—fine coal does not report to the thickener, slurry pond or combined refuse stream
      • Increase efficiency in fine circuit by reducing fine coal recirculation loads
        Depending on the size of your plant,

        The Sub325® System may add up to

        Total clean coal recovery

        Need to see it to believe it?