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Note: This calculation is meant to be illustrative only and excludes secondary benefits. It is not intended to be a guarantee or quotation. Our professionals will determine specific expected results for your plant upon your request.

Adjust the sliders below to discover the estimated additional revenue you could generate with the Somerset Coal Sub325® system.

How many screen bowls do you have?

How many hours a day do you run the plant?

How many days per year do you run your plant?

How much do you get for your coal?

Further increase your bottom line thanks to secondary benefits:

Decrease in chemicals
needed at the thickener

Increased efficiency in fine circuit
by reducing fine coal recirculation loads,
resulting in improved screen bowl
and flotation cell performance

Decrease in volume going to refuse
fine coal does not report to the thickener,
slurry pond or combined refuse stream

Need to see it to believe it?